LIZ Smart water bottle

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Water & Bottle UV Sterilisation

Thanks to its built-in sterilization system with UV-C light, LIZ destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria by breaking down their DNA in under 5 minutes. Simply tap the lid twice: it will sterilize the bottle if empty or the water it contains, as well as eliminate bad smell.

Hydration Reminders

Every 2h, LIZ’s smart lid blinks to remind you to hydrate. Drink 3-4 480mL LIZ bottles to make sure you get the optimum 1.5-2L daily intake.

12-24h Hot & Cold Insulation

Thanks to its stainless steel body, LIZ is insulated to keep your favorite beverage hot or cold for up to 12 to 24h.

Temperature Range Indicator

Are you tired of burning your tongue or drinking stale cold coffee? Simply tap the lid once to check the temperature range: the LED light will blink in the corresponding color (blue for cold, yellow for warm, and red for hot).

Automatic Protection

If the lid is opened during the sterilization process, the bottle will automatically turn on safe mode to prevent ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing you any harm.

Low Battery Reminder

When the battery power is below 5%, if you touch the lid, a red light will flash rapidly. This indicates the battery is low, it’s time to charge your LIZ!

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