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mySASY is a web-based application that allows you to easily and very accurately evaluate the activity of the basic system in the human body = the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), using a mobile phone and a HRV monitor. Autonomic nervous system controls the most important processes and the condition of the human body. Thanks to mySASY measurement results it is possible to monitor the long-term and current reactions of the organism to the selected training processes/ regime and significantly increase the efficiency of the training.

How monitoring with mySASY works

Monitoring with mySASY takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Account activation
  2. Mobile app download
  3. Setting up the mobile app and syncing it with HRV monitor 4. Monitoring of SA HRV and working with results

mySASY saves your time

  •   provides outputs that used to be only available from a time-consuming laboratory visit,
  •   increasing the training load in the system-identified supercompensation phase demonstrably increases the training effect while maintaining or even reducing the training time,
  •   reducing the training load in the system-identified phase of reduced regenerative capacity saves time that would be spent on inefficient training,
  •   the system identifies the first signs of overloading and thus greatly reduces the likelihood of injuries or other health complications and associated time requirements,
  •   measuring yourself with maximum accuracy and result value 1-2 times a week brings more usable outputs to the training process than daily shorter measurements with only very general outputs.