Is this an alternative to running with your smartwatch ?

Is this an alternative to running with your smartwatch ?

Can a sports bra or compression shirt really track your fitness?

For people trying to get active & better their health, one of the first things most do is get a smartwatch to help track their fitness journey. Wearables are quickly becoming the norm in the health , wellness & fitness space. It is all too common to see runners in your city looking down at their wrist as if they are trying to tell the time, but they are likely looking at how much of a distance they’ve already ran or checking their current Heart Rate.

Most runners are probably looking at the popular Apple Watch, Garmin watch ( often used by highly competitive runners) or another very popular alternative commonly used in pro sports & in the running community, a fitness or Heart Rate belt. Even so, it seems as though these wearables serve more as an accessory rather than something that is just worn. But, what if “wearables” could actually be worn as clothes? It would be incredible to see a world where the workout clothes we buy also track our fitness without us having to buy extra accessories.


MyZone, with their already popular Fitness Belt & Fitness Watch are trying to get us closer to such a world. Connected clothing is what they call their Myzone Sports Bra & Compression shirt. These comfortable, cross-functional pieces are meant to connect with your Fitness Belt through integrated sensors. For all those who struggle with the traditional Heart Rate Belt, the Sports Bra offers medium support & the Compression Shirt gives a seamless ( and sleeveless) experience to running with a Heart Rate monitor on. Both are made of very light & breathable materials with built-in sweat wicking to keep you dry for those last miles. Once you attach the Heart Rate Belt to your Sports Bra or Compression Shirt, simply pair it to the Myzone app, start your run & check your results through your phone when you are done. ( no need to look down & check the time with this).



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