How Tech Helps Young Athletes Develop Faster.

How Tech Helps Young Athletes Develop Faster.

Young New York Red Bull starlet takes his recovery in his own hands.


For any young athlete dreaming of playing professional sports, figuring out what sort of training regiment to follow is always an important piece to the equation. Each step to the next level in a young athlete’s journey introduces a faster speed of play, more physical requirements as the competition gets stiffer. Only a few ever go all the way & even for those who do, maintaining a high level of performance to excel as a professional is no easy feat. Once in the pros, young athletes already get access to top doctors & trainers to maintain their bodies while at the team's facilities but some are looking to invest more into their recovery.

Young New York native & NYRB defender Kyle Duncan is leading the wave of young professionals looking to set the example to aspiring athletes by taking his recovery into his own hands. Much like his U.S Men’s national team compatriot Richy Ledezma, Kyle Duncan has joined the Box2Box Tech family & has been taking advantage of different recovery tools to keep him game ready. Here’s what he had to say about using tech to be proactive with his recovery.  

What sort of recovery tools he has been using & if it has had a positive impact in his development?  What would you tell young athletes regarding investing in their recovery?

In 2018 I tore my ACL and that had a big impact on me wanting to keep my body healthy. That means drinking water, stretching, eating right and getting the right amount of rest. Speaking up and letting the trainers know how you feel will take you very far as well, but your recovery starts with you. That’s why I am grateful to have joined Box2Box. The products I use are their recovery pants, foam roller & Hyper Volt gun. These 3 products have been very impactful being that I’m a starter on my team and I want to be able to have the trust of my teammates and belief in myself that I can go a full 90 minutes every week because I am doing the right things for my body to perform.For the young athletes, those days when you think your body is at it’s best, have a recovery session because it’ll only be better for you in the long run. What you put in is what you get out. Stay strong and stay healthy.”

With a recent run of great performances, Kyle looks like a man that is still nowhere near his ceiling. The sky is truly the limit for this young player & Box2Box will be here to fuel that growth.

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